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23 Thoughts For 2023

23 Thoughts For 2023

As we finish up 2023, we want to thank all our clients, network and suppliers. 2023 has been a year of growth for Smith, both professionally and personally.

Have a brilliant Christmas, and we’ll see in 2024.

Here are 3 thoughts from our team. 2 on what we’ve learnt in 23 and one on what we’re excited about for 24.




1 – The importance of initial planning
I’ve realised the value in dedicating more time at the beginning of a project for strategic thinking. Taking this initial time can significantly benefit the rest of the project, this approach is something I’m eager to explore further for future projects/tasks.

2 – Increase in confidence through experience
My experiences this year have increased my confidence in handling diverse client needs, enabling me to make more assured decisions.

3 – 2024 thoughts
Looking forward to 2024, we have a vast amount of new work coming in and I’m excited about exploring a variety of projects across different industries. Additionally, I’m determined to improve my ping-pong score in the office.




4 – Ask questions, then question the answers
I’ve learnt that while asking questions is important, it’s also valuable to follow up on the answers, and question them. That way you gain a deeper understanding into the person’s thinking, which can help inform your actions moving forward.

5 – You don’t have to be the best
Being good enough at a few skills that overlap each other, and turning up are more important than trying to be perfect.

6 – 2024 thoughts
Moving into 2024, I’m looking forward to designing and building more websites, and seeing the results they bring for our clients.




7 – Fail fast. Fix fast. Learn fast.
We all make mistakes but it’s how fast we course correct and then learn from these.

8 – The power of a personal purpose.
This year I’ve pushed myself more than ever – in all areas of my life – in fitness, spiritually, in relationships and professionally. I’ve also realised how powerful a personal purpose is. This year has been full of obstacles for me, but reading my personal purpose everyday, and then acting on it, has allowed me to live the best version of Oli Smith. And I don’t feel like I’ve even got started.

9 – 2024 thoughts
In 2024 I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the team apply what they’ve learnt this year. We’ve all grown a lot as individuals, but more importantly as a team. We’ve adopted Ai as a tool this year, improving productivity and helping us think differently – 24 will be fascinating to explore this even further




10 – Work smarter, then harder
A standout lesson for me was working smart and working hard are not mutually exclusive, instead they’re a process. Having 20 jobs at once isn’t helping anyone, but whittling it down to 3 jobs is working smart, then you go like hell on them.

11 – The 4 Agreements
I had come across the 4 Agreements previously, but I feel like the end of this year is when I’ve come to properly understand them. I think they are a great framework for how you handle situations to then implement a framework to deal with them.

12 – 2024 thoughts
I feel like I’m ending this year with the best mindset I’ve had yet. 2023 has been a great year for personal growth, both inside and outside of work, and I’m eager to put this new drive into practice. 2024, I’m going to scratch the surface of what I’m really capable of.




13 – OODA
Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. Simple but massively effective, as we demonstrated practically throughout the day with Kevin Roberts. Orientate to your audience! Think audience first. This is so important and something that I am increasingly applying particularly in presentation decks.

14 – Chunking
Knowledge of how to position ideas and successfully chunk ideas in order to craft the best outcome.

15 – 2024 thoughts
Growth in our client base and the opportunity to work across a variety of industries. Broadening my knowledge of areas that I otherwise may not have exposure to. Cheers for a fantastic 2023, let’s smash 24!




16 – Thinking different
Being a bit more militant with decision making, exploring principles such as OODA & VUCA, taking a step back and analysing outcomes and variables before pushing forward with a decision.

17 – The importance of being human
I believe we are entering an age of mediocrity in design & development, Ive played around with AI tools enough that I notice AI generated assets all over the web. AI is there to be utilised and why shouldn’t you? 3 mins writing a prompt and you have all the content for your website, 2 mins describing an image and you have hd photography assets exactly to your requirements. However when it comes to Designing, Writing, Building for HUMANS, AI will never have that touch. I look forward to embracing AI more in all aspects of life but I also welcome the challenges of fighting against the mediocrity it brings.

18 – 2024 thoughts
Following a workshop that explored personal purpose, in 2024 I’m looking forward to exploring that, and embodying my one word equity.




18. The power of asking good questions.

19. The benefits of good planning.

20 – 2024 thoughts
I’m looking forward to driving Huddersfield.org forward and growing Dimension.




21. OODA
The power of OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) gives you a much better understanding of what a client really wants from the project, which they may not have articulated in the initial brief. It leads to a better outcome for everyone involved!

22. Be confident in your work.
Self-worth is important, I find just simply reminding myself that I know my stuff, puts me in a much more positive mindset, ready to take on the day.

23. 2024 thoughts
Next year I’m looking forward to taking on some bigger projects and hopefully developing my skills in more areas of marketing.

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