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Branding Is Packaging For A Business Idea

Branding Is Packaging For A Business Idea

When you think of your branding as packaging, you start to see it differently.

Is your branding as effective as it could be? Here are some insights to think about.

Does Your Branding Stand Out?

Does it stand out?


Packaging has to stand out on-shelf or it will never be picked.

Does your branding jump off the shelf and stand out in comparison to competitors?

If it doesn’t – you’re missing out on potential sales.

Branding has to cut through the noise.


Is Your Branding Clear?

Is it clear?


Packaging has to rapidly cut through, make sense and sell the product inside.

When people look at your marketing material or your website – does it make sense to them?

Does your branding clarify your proposition? We see lots of businesses confuse, when they need to clarify.



Does Your Branding Create Desire

Does it create desire?


We’ve all seen some packaging that stands out and evokes curiosity.

Branding should invite intrigue.

Even if you are in an industry that you see as boring, there’s always a way to say the common in an uncommon way.


Is Your Branding Effective

Is it effective?


Most businesses know they have to have branding, but the question is –is it driving business growth?

Your branding should align to your business strategy and help you grow.

We’ve had some sceptics over the years, who see their branding as pure decoration. One of those sceptics
told us it was the best thing in business they’d done.


Is your branding letting you down?

Many businesses aren’t using their branding to its full potential.

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