Hybrid Working – Here For Good?

Amber van Rooyen

Account Manager

Our working world has changed for the foreseeable future, as have many other businesses. We often get asked what our plans are moving forward in this new working world, in terms of office vs remote…and the answer? We’ll be staying hybrid! A hybrid work model, blends in person and flexible working and for us, it’s the way forward. Our working habits need to be flexible, profitable and productive, therefore the hybrid model ticks all our boxes.

We’re not alone in thinking this way, Phil Perry, head of UK & Ireland at Zoom, says the world of work will continue with its hybrid focus as we head into 2022.

“The hybrid model is popular with employees because it works for all,” he says. “Offering the workforce flexibility around where, when and even how they work is a major step forward in our working culture, which is long overdue, and is now a mainstay.”

*Even with all it’s benefits, hybrid working can bring with it some challenges, therefore we have laid out some tips on how to keep your office feeling ‘human’ and’ in touch’ with one another:

  1. Understand your work challenges
    Understand what needs to be done, when, and by whom.
    Map out a plan, it may be that some days employees can get their heads down at home, whilst other days it may be beneficial for the team to get together physically and discuss work challenges.
  2. Be transparent and flexible
    Be clear and consistent with your messaging and how you communicate this to staff. Staff need to feel that they have the support of flexible working – what was comfortable for one employee last week may not be the case for another member of staff. Keeping checking in with one another – communication is key.
  3. Be prepared for all working environments
    By now, most businesses will have the necessary infrastructures in place for remote working. But make sure that your working methods are compatible for members of staff across the board. For us what’s most important are the following: Coherent filing systems, ease of staff collaboration, quickly access documents, a speedy internet connection, and a shared calendar!
  4. Nurture your team
    Whether in the office or at home, employees should feel they have the correct recognition for their work. This is where the ‘human’ element will really sing. Celebrate the wins together and navigate through the challenging jobs together. Daily group video calls, group instant messaging, are a great way to nurture one another and this is something we practice everyday.




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