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Supporting Future Talent

Supporting Future Talent

At Smith, we’re fuelled by creativity, innovation, and the invigorating buzz that accompanies fresh perspectives. So, when Jinesh stepped into our Huddersfield studio for work experience, we knew we were in for an exciting week.

From the get go, Jinesh impressed us with his enthusiasm and willingness to dive headfirst into any task we threw his way. Whether it was mastering new design software or brainstorming creative concepts, he tackled each challenge with gusto and a can-do attitude that was impressive.

We wanted Jinesh to experience the full spectrum of our business, so we carefully curated his week to give him a taste of everything we do. After providing him with some training on our methods and design software, we handed him a brief and encouraged him to let his creativity run wild. He delivered!

As Friday afternoon rolled around, and it was time for Jinesh to showcase his work. Presenting to a room full of  professionals can be daunting for even the most experienced among us. But Jinesh? He took it all in his stride, exuding confidence and positivity as he shared his creations with us.

In Jinesh’s own words, “During my work experience at Smith, I have developed lots of skills using software that I haven’t used before and this means that this would help me in the future by using Adobe Illustrator and Indesign. Adobe Illustrator helped me make billboards and business cards concepts for the car company Renault. So this made me understand what career I would like to pursue in the future such as a graphic designer. “

Thank you Jinesh, you absolutely smashed it! Your passion, creativity, and positive attitude left a lasting impression on all of us here at Smith.


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