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Workshop – How We Create Brand Impact

Workshop – How We Create Brand Impact

Workshop is our unique process for making brands that are fit-for-purpose and have transformational effects.

We’ve created hundreds of brands over the years, for clients in many sectors and with different commercial challenges.

We see consistent patterns of issues that clients face, and using Workshop we can address these.

Here are some challenges our clients come up against:

  • We have grown quickly and how we look doesn’t represent us
  • We look like every other competitor
  • We are giving the wrong impression
  • We have a great product or service, but people don’t get what we do
  • We look cheap and outdated, and it’s impacting our sales
  • Our competitors are better at marketing than us
  • We need to clarify what we do
  • We have lots to say but don’t know what’s important
  • We have several companies but struggle to present them to the market
  • We want to sell our company and want to maximise perceived value
  • We find it hard to articulate what we do
  • Our online presence doesn’t help us
  • We’ve bought several businesses, and now have different websites and names

Our tried and tested framework helps our clients solve their
branding and business challenges – following a three-step process.

Branding Agency Process

As an outsider, we see things that you don’t. We take time to speak
to your team, your competition, and your market. It’s to understand
the perception of your business, what you do, what you’re good at,
and your vision of the future.

Branding Agency Process


The Define stage is where we take all our learnings from the first stage and design a brand strategy to take this forward.

Typically we look at the following:

– How do we describe ourselves as a company?
– What’s the vision?
– Is our name right?
– How do we present our product/service portfolio?
– Do we need to create sub-brands or simplify things?
– What is our competitive advantage?

Branding Agency Process


After walking you through Discover and Define – there’s clarity of direction and the Make stage is where we bring things alive.

In the Make stage, we design brand identities that bottle your difference, tell your story, and position you for future success.

We show you how your business shows up in the world. From a new name, logo, to websites and communications. We visualise what your customers would see at every point of the customer journey.


Let’s Talk About Your Business Challenges

Need some direction on whether investing in your brand can drive commercial advantage? Reach out to us today and we look forward to hearing about your business challenges.


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