Accu Components Rebrand

The Insight

We’ve worked with Accu since 2019 as a brand, design, and marketing partner.

Our initial project in 2019 was to clean up their identity, help them be more consistent in their messaging, and help them define guidelines for their identity.

In early 2023, we won the job to evolve their identity. The purpose of the rebrand was to be more disruptive and bold. Something we pushed for in 2019, but the timing wasn’t right.

Accu sells engineering components to customers all over the world, from their slick website. We’ve always pushed Accu to think differently in how they market themselves. Most of the industry talks about the components they sell, the rational details, and rarely talks about the bigger picture – the context in which their products sit.

Rather than selling components, we framed Accu as the company that helps engineers, makers, and pioneers unleash their innovation.

The Challenge

Accu’s previous identity wasn’t bad. It was above the standard for what most of the industry looks like, but it really didn’t bottle their challenger spirit.

We took inspiration from what they had before, but turned up the volume to help them draw attention in a digital world.

The culture of Accu is very different from your typical engineering business. They see themselves more as a tech business than a company that sells components.

Accu want to disrupt, challenge and do things differently to deliver a better customer experience.

We designed a bold brand identity that perfectly matches their ethos.

At first a lot of the staff were a little uneasy on the new look and feel. Some said it was too brash, and bold. After the launch, most agree that the boldness of their new identity is what will help them stand out in a saturated marketplace.

Since the rebrand in mid 23, Accu have already seen an increase in the website conversion rate compared to this time last year. A 2% improvement has already had a significant increase in revenue, in one month alone this has repaid the total rebrand investment.

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Accu Website Design
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