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Small Fix. Big Impact.

Small Fix. Big Impact.

Before Nest had launched, they were testing how easy an install was.

It was a do-it-yourself install, and they realised that it was taking customers 1 hour to install their device.

This confused them, as they thought they had their installation process down to a tee.

They’d broken down the whole process in detail. Step by step, detail by detail.

Nest thought that customers should easily be able to install their thermostats in 15/20 mins at tops.

What the team found was that customers were spending forever trying to find the right screwdriver.

This one small act made it frustrating for customers, and added friction to the overall first experience of Nest.

Customers didn’t always have a screwdriver, or one that was the right size for Nest.

Nest then decided to offer a screwdriver in their box.

Internally, there was a lot of negativity at offering something that costs circa $1.50 to manufacture.

They wanted to be lean and increase margins.

Most of the team saw the screwdriver as a cost. Adding to the cost of goods sold.

But others saw it as a drastic improvement in the customer experience.

By offering a small item like a little screwdriver this reduced the time to install and made the customer experience seamless.

The tiny screwdriver turned a moment of frustration into one of delight


Written By Oliver Smith – Creative Director and Founder at Smith
Oliver founded Smith in 2014 with a fellow graduate straight from University. Oliver believes in the power of creativity to drive business growth.
He works with clients in a variety of sectors advising on how brand and marketing can grow revenues, win more customers and solve business problems. He studied Graphic Design at Batley School of Art, is studying Brand Strategy at London Business School, has completed two Mini Mba’s in Brand Strategy with Marketing Week and Section School. He has also recently finished a Peak Performance leadership programme with Kevin Roberts the former Global Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi for 17 years.

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