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The Insight

After 20 years serving the local business community, accountants S P Crowther’s offer had advanced considerably since their early days. Alas, their identity had not. It was time for a realignment to position the brand for a further decade of growth.

The Challenge

Oak-lined offices and a library atmosphere don’t tally with modern business. Accountancy practices were deemed to be out-of-touch, stuffy and unapproachable. Clients wanted openness, understanding and a reassuring presence when it came to the complicated stuff.

What we Did

  • Brand Identity
  • Website design & development
  • Motion
  • Print
Original Image
Modified Image

We developed a compelling brand story that articulates exactly what Crowther stand for.


Rather than look to other accountants as inspiration, we explored the worlds of tech and banking – sectors that understood the value of client relationships and making the complex understandable.

We designed a newspaper for the brand launch that Crowther could send to existing clients, so they understood why Crowther had changed.

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Crowther Chartered Accountants
Crowther Chartered Accountants

"The feedback from clients and our networks on the rebrand has been fantastic, and it has really refreshed the whole image of the business. Again, it's different to what people expect from accountants, and that has helped us stand out and ultimately win new business."

Steve Crowther Managing Director

The Results

365.7% increase in new clients within 2 years after rebrand


Born to be effective, not decorative, we’re here to drive growth for our clients. With a mixture of capabilities, we partner with clients who place brand at the centre of their business.

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