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The Insight

Keyko, a specialist global Web3 consultancy approached us to help them reposition the business to attract more enterprise customers.

Keyko work with some of the leading names in Crypto and Blockchain technologies and help their clients unlock the power of Web3 technologies to build the future.

The Keyko team wanted to attract more enterprise work, and help big businesses utilise the new technology available.

The Challenge

The previous brand identity and website reflected a software business but didn’t align with a corporate target audience. It talked more about Web3 jargon, rather than showing how Web3 technologies could help a business reduce costs, deliver a better customer experience and improve productivity.

Working with the Keyko management team, we divided the website into two coherent sections, one that spoke directly to Web3 clients and one that resonated with businesses alike.

We came up with the strapline ‘ready for what’s next’ which helps position Keyko as the consultancy that is thinking about the future.

Keyko Website
Keyko Website


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